The Jasmine Wife by Jane Coverdale


A sweeping epic romance set in the British Raj for fans of Richard and Judy Book Club Pick Dinah Jefferies and global bestseller Lucinda Riley

Sarah Archer’s future as the dutiful wife of a British official in India seems assured, until a chance meeting with the gorgeous and powerful French-Indian, Ravi Sabran, changes the course of her destiny.

As the veneer of polite society wears off in the heat of the Indian sun, Sarah soon realises that nothing is as it appears to be, especially her husband Charles…

In the beautiful jasmine gardens of the palace of the Maharajah, Sarah follows a forbidden path… towards Ravi and the long-buried secrets of her own birth.

My Review

Well, first off I would just like to say that the comparison to Lucinda Riley couldn’t be any closer to the truth if it tried!! I was as swept away with The Jasmine Wife as I was when I first read The Seven Sisters and I read this book in one sitting reading right through the night forgoing sleep barely noticing the hours ticking by.

I will admit at the beginning I did find the writing style a little disconcerting in places due to the inner dialogues of the characters switching mid paragraph but it soon became natural and it just flowed effortlessly across the pages. Other than that I cannot fault this book at all. Even the fact that I had guessed what was revealed didn’t detract anything away because it was told in such a beautiful way the writing just kept on flowing with glorious detail so you could almost feel the heat of the Indian sun beating down on you, even at 4am tucked up in bed in chilly Devon.

It is a tale of love, heartache, sadness and joy, set in India in a very English town, even called White Town by the upper class citizens and it follows the life of newly wed Sara Fitzroy as she leaves England to begin her new life in a country she has longed to return to. She was born and began life in India but the death of both her parents when she was very young saw her retuned to live with her auntie in a stuffy upper middle class parlour room, of which she never felt she belonged. If she had stayed in England she was well on her way to becoming a Suffragette, but such things were not deemed to be correct so once married she is expected to conform to all the unwritten rules of society that go hand in hand with what is expected of a respectable lady.

As hard as she tries to fit in and to conform, soon Sara begins to rail against her constraints, ones that are strictly adhered to by her bigoted, controlling husband and his collection of friends, Lord and Lady Palmer and their deplorable daughter Cynthia. But there is one person who moves through this collection of snobbish society that also doesn’t belong, Monsieur Ravi Sabran. She soon feels the pull of this man who doesn’t belong and who isn’t accepted by the elite polite society and her world opens up to something completely unexpected by her, and as she explores the other parts of town, Blacktown, seeking out friendship of people her husband forbids her to associate with she discovers things about herself and about her parents that she had no idea existed.

You can’t help not to become invested in Sara as she fights her way through the shark infested waters of so called polite society and she is now one of my favourite female protagonists in the historical romance genre. She is relatable even in todays society and her growing dislike of both her husband and the wonderfully deplorable Lady Palmer becomes your dislike as well, you can feel the deepening disdain seeping off the pages. As does the love towards Ravi and her old ayah, Malika.

This book is filled with stunning locations, places and characters with a story that sweeps you away to its far off shores that is both as memorable as it is beautiful.

If you are a fan of historical romances then this is one debut novel you really won’t want to miss and Jane Coverdale will be one author that will soon become a firm favourite.

Sorry if I waxed lyrical but I can’t recommend this book highly enough! 😁

The Jasmine Wife will be published on 21 June 2019 and is available to pre order now

A massive thank you to the author Jane Coverdale, publishers Harper Impulse and Killer Reads as well as NetGalley for my copy of this amazing book in exchange for an honest and independent review.

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