Twisted by Steve Cavanagh



1. The police are looking to charge me with murder.
2. No one knows who I am. Or how I did it.
3. If you think you’ve found me. I’m coming for you next.

After you’ve read this book, you’ll know: the truth is far more twisted…

My Review

Already a strong contender for ‘top books of 2019’ and it’s only the start of January, that’s how good this book is!

I quite literally read through it in one sitting and that was even re-reading some pages to make sure I had read it right!

It certainly lives up to the title Twisted with some hefty plot twists, to the point on one of them I had to go back a few pages to make sure I hadn’t missed something major, but no, I hadn’t missed anything, it was just a very clever, unexpected change in direction causing me enough wrinkles in my forehead from frowning at the book to need major doses of Botox to iron them out!

The book blurb doesn’t give much away but has an irresistible magnet effect pulling you into it just from just those six lines and the very first page of the book sinks its teeth in even further.

This will be my last book. I won’t write another. The reasons should be clear by the time you come to the end of this story. That’s an interesting word –  story. Is this a true story? Is it a memoir? Or fiction? 

I can’t say. You may have found this book on the true crime shelf, or in the thriller section of your local bookstore. It doesn’t matter. 

Forget about that. There are only two things you need to know:

1.  On my specific instructions my publishers have not edited this text. There have been no editorial notes, structural edits or other outside interference. It’s just you and me.  

2. From here on in, don’t believe a single word you read. 

J. T. LeBeau, 

Now if that doesn’t draw you in like a moth to a flame I don’t know what will!

This is a standalone book so no need to have read any of the previous books, you can jump straight in with this one and then go back and read the others which is what I will now be doing and I can safely say I have another new author to add to my favourite pile from this book alone.

I won’t go over the plot as there are plenty of reviews out there already that have done that but my advice would be to go into this book just from what is written on the back cover and that opening page and find out for yourselves what and why everyone will be talking about this book.

Twisted will be published on 24 January 2019 and can be pre ordered now.

A huge thanks to the author Steve Cavanagh, publishers Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest and independent review.

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