The Pearl Sister (The Seven Sisters #4) by Lucinda Riley


The Seven Sisters Book 4

Lucinda Riley has been one of my favourite authors since I came across the first book in this series The Seven Sisters and I have gone on since to read all of her books to date and although The Seven Sisters is still my favourite so far, none of her books have been a disappointment which is a huge credit to her writing.

I had this book pre ordered for months and couldn’t wait for publication day which seemed to take forever to come around! I also for the first time in several months took time off from my pile of TBR books that I’m working my way through in exchange for reviews to indulge myself with this book and it was well worth it! (The only other book to deviate me from my pile has been Stephen King’s Sleeping Beauties)

This is CeCe’s story. Up until now CeCe was my least favourite sister and no matter how much I was anticipating this book I wasn’t expecting to become as invested in the story as much as I had been with the others, especially Ally D’Aplièse’s story in book 2, but I was rooting for CeCe just as much about half way in! As she starts to come out of her shell and gain confidence in herself her true character starts to shine.

Having never felt she fitted in anywhere and watching her closest sister Star follow the clues left by their deceased father Pa Salt and discover her identity and new-found love CeCe decides to try to discover her own past with the hope of finding her own place that she belongs.

The story is told from two different view points as well as two different times, CeCe in 2008 and Kitty McBride a hundred years earlier in 1906. And despite the two significantly different periods the story flows effortlessly.

CeCe begins her travels in Krabi, Thailand where she meets Ace, who like herself is lonely and out-of-place. He helps her begin her journey of discovery from the clues left for her by Pa Salt but it soon becomes apparent that Ace has a secret he is hiding.

From Thailand she follows the clues to Sydney in Australia and meets some amazing characters along the way.

1906 Kitty McBride is the daughter of an Edinburgh clergyman that finds herself in Australia as the companion of the wealthy Mrs McCrombie. And it is in this new Land of Opportunity that she meets twin brothers, Drummond and Andrew, who is the heir to a pearling company. Andrew and Kitty are soon wed and she finds herself living in the isolated town of Broome and her story is also one of self-discovery as well as the trials hardships of living in the Australian outback in a pioneering age.

I loved CeCe but I think I loved Kitty more, she is an inspiration to women of all ages.

As the two women’s stories become entwined the conncection becomes apparent in a brilliant way and although the series still leaves some unanswered questions these women stories are left with a happy ending.

Now comes the extremely long wait for Tiggy’s story and just to warn you, this book leaves her in a place that makes the wait for us even longer!!!

If you havent read the other three books in the series this book will still be good as a stand alone but I can’t recommend reading the others high enough. All four are brilliant in their own rights.

This book was published in the Uk on November 2nd 2017 and can be purchased now form or


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