A Justified Bitch by H. G. McKinnis


It takes a guilty bastard to make a justified bitch.

Very entertaining fun read – highly recommend! I can’t wait to see what the next books in the Las Vegas Mystery series are about!

The book starts out with the gruesome murder of a Las Vegas former call girl who lived next door to Helen, a middle-aged woman suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness that stemmed from the loss of her husband Bobby. When a severed finger arrives on her doorstep Helen is thrown into the middle of a murder investigation and suddenly her whole life is being examined.

She spends her days with her ever-growing population of cats, talking to her dead husband, and hoarding things. The detective in charge of the case is convinced Helen knows something, but Helen can’t remember what she saw!
The police fear she is the only witness so she is taken into custody so they can get her to get some medical help and to keep her safe whilst they try to figure out who butchered her neighbour.

After the detective and psychiatric doctor evaluate her, her sister, Pat Henderson, drives up from Phoenix with teenaged sons in tow to care for Helen and help the police.
Pat hasn’t seen her sister in years and is shocked at how bad her life has become since Bobby’s death ten years ago, the conditions Helen has been living in and she feels like she owes it to her sister to stay and help take care of her.

As the police delve deeper into the murder, they start to wonder if the reason Helen isn’t saying anything is because, not only did she see what happened, but she was involved so the underlying question is, despite her mental instability, is Helen a murderer?

The story revolves around both a detective mystery and a mental institution which gives it a nice change of pace having the story split between different settings and themes.

The look into mental illness shows not just what Helen is going through, but how it affects her family, friends, the medical profession and the community. I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative of their family relationships, estranged and renewed, as well as Helen’s own narrative through mental illness.

This was a fun easy read with a bit of a mystery at its core, better than i expected which is always a win for books that exceed expectations.

This book was published yesterday, 8th October 17 and can be purchased from

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