The Silk Weaver’s Wife by Debbie Rix


Perfect read to curl up warm and snug with, a brew to hand and get swept away into a beautiful story.

I love this type of book, dual layer stories in different time spans and this book didn’t disappoint 🙂
Set in 2017 and 1704 and centers around 2 women, Milly and Anastasia. Decades apart and yet their paths cross in a stunning way.
1704 Anastasia was planning to elope with the love of her life and escape her abusive father, the owner of a mill and has set up an arranged marriage to a wealthy silk weaver in exchange for wiping his gambling debts. Her forced marriage takes her to a villa in Venice where she discovers her husband is possibly worse than her father. She is kept locked up in a bedroom for months and each night her husband forces himself upon her in hopes of siring an heir.
2017 Milly has been in a relationship with a married man, who just happens to be her boss as well. When he decides he wants to end things with Milly she jumps at the opportunity to travel to Italy to research the silk weaving business for an article in a magazine.
There she meets Lorenzo, owner of the beautiful country villa near Venice where she is staying. She finds herself drawn to a painting of a beautiful young woman and sets out to find out who the woman was and how she came to be on Lorenzo’s wall. She also finds herself drawn to the handsome Italian himself.
This book is a voyage of discovery for both women as they struggle to find away to heal themselves and gain their independence.
The story takes us from Spitalfields in London through France, Amsterdam, Verona, Lake Garda to Venice on a journey of discovery full of passion, love, heartbreak and self-discovery.
Beautifully written blending fact with fiction and the lives and times of the two women immersing you into their worlds.

This book can be purchased now from

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