Madness Treads Lightly by Polina Dashkova


will learning the truth unmask a killer…or put her and her family in even more danger?

This book has been translated from Russian, it was originally released in 2000 in Russia and this is the first of her books to ever get translated into English.
It is set in Moscow and Siberia and switches between 1996 and the 1980’s, between communist and post-communist Russia which is really interesting, seeing how much things changed from an inside prospective.
It also switches between different view points, from Lena to Veniamin “Venya” Volkov and his wife Regina Valentinova.
Lena Polanskaya is a young mother of a two year old daughter, a journalist, the editor of a magazine and wife to a very high-ranking policeman, a Colonel in Counterintelligence.
When Lena hears that her friend Olga’s brother Mitya has committed suicide by hanging both ladies have their doubts but his death was recorded as suicide.
Then a few days later his widow is found dead from a fatal apparent overdose.
Both Lena and Olga know Mitya isn’t the sort of man to commit suicide so Lena decides to do an investigation of her own.
As she starts looking into his death and searching the past for any clues as to why anyone would wish him dead or even if there is a reason he would have had no other way out it begins to look like there is a connection between Mitya’s death and a spate of killings that took place 14 years ago in Siberia.
But digging up the past has drawn attention to Lena and someone out there knows the truth, and the closer she gets to finding the answers the more danger she finds herself in, her own live becomes a target and as the danger ramps up she fears for her family’s safety.
Someone does not want the truth to get out but how far are they willing to go to protect it?
This book takes a bit of time to get used to the style of writing due to the translation but once you have it is well worth a read!

This book can be purchased now from

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