Lay Me to Rest by E. A. Clark


Annie Phillips husband passed away leaving her widowed at a young age and it wasn’t until after loosing her husband that she discovered she was pregnant with her late husbands baby.
As she struggles to come to terms with her loss and a few months has passed Annie’s sister Sarah arranges for her to take a break and get away from it all in a cottage in Anglesey.

The cottage and countryside sound idilicc but when Annie reaches the cottage something about the place just doesn’t seem right and it certainly doesn’t feel very welcoming.
It’s not until she gets to the cottage that she finds out she is a psychic.
Whilst settling in she comes across a wooden box, a box that was never meant to be found. As she opens the box it starts unraveling truths about the neighbours that she really doesn’t want to know!

She gets woken in the night by a vengeful spirit that wants to tell her all the secrets surrounding the cottage and this spirit makes it very clear it does not want Annie there.
Now she knows that the cottage is haunted by a malevolent spirit Annie decides to look into the cottages history and the local folk law and legends to try to help her work out what the spirit wants.

Now she has opened the box and she has started digging into the mystery surrounding the cottage causing it to be haunted she has to see it through to the end to make the haunting stop and to protect herself and unborn baby.
The descriptions in the book are at times breathtaking and you can see the cottage and surrounding countryside in your mind’s eye.

If you like ghost stories and different folk law you will love this book

This book will be released on 29th September 2017 and can be preordered from

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