Ask No Questions by Lisa Hartley


Some secrets were meant to stay hidden… Trust no-one

What an absolutely brilliant start to a new series by Lisa Hartley.

Meet Detective Caelan Small, an undercover policewoman with the Met police force. She is a very highly rated officer who is brilliant at her job, smart, intelligent and a little bit reckless in regards to her own safety.

Except at the moment she is no longer working in the police force and had vowed never to return to the job due to her previous case. It was a really bad case that went drastically wrong ending in a loss that still haunts her and the main suspect evading capture and disappearing into the wind.

But now it seems that the suspect is back and back with a vengeance. That is what brings her back to the force as she tries to hunt down the killer and maybe try to make right the wrongs from before.

You get a real feel for Caelan with her no-nonsense and tough attitude and her other side that is still reeling and being haunted from the case that made her walk away from the job, a case she keeps getting flashbacks to.

As the hunt for the killer heats up and with the body count growing the dramatic web of corruption, violence and lies brings her colleagues come under suspicion and even Caelan herself becomes a suspect!

Not knowing who she can trust, Ewan is brought in as her new partner, he is ex army and has been working security. He instantly becomes a lovable character and one of the lead characters in the book.

There are a lot of characters in this book and at times i found it a bit hard to keep track of them all.

This is an extremely fast paced book packed full of twists, turns and red herrings that will keep you guessing and then re guessing wanting to race ahead to find the answers to all the questions this book throws at you.

The flashbacks are really relevant to the story as they reveal the details of the case that made her walk away from the job. The ending of the book brings together the past and present with a final twist that I really did not see coming at all.

I loved this book and my only negative would be the wait for the second book!
This is 1 book that i will 100% recommend to friends and family as well as everyone else!

This book can be purchased now from

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