Love Me Not: DI Helen Grace 7 by M. J. Arlidge



This is the latest in the Detective Helen Grace series, book number 7 and it is slightly different to the rest of the books because this story is told over a 24 hour period.

A pair of brutal killers with no apparent motive are causing havoc on the streets of Southampton.

A woman’s body lies in the road. At first it looks like a tragic accident. But when Helen Grace arrives on the scene it’s clear she’s looking at a cold-blooded killing. But why would anyone target a much-loved wife and mother?

Across town, a shopkeeper is killed whilst his customers are left unharmed. What lies behind the killers choices?

Who lives? Who dies? Who’s next? The clock is ticking. If Helen can’t solve this deadly puzzle then more blood will be shed. But any mistake and the life that may be shed may be her own.

The slaughters have been carefully planned and both victims and crime scene venues meticulously selected and planned. They have already been marked out with an odious graffitied serpent emblem. There will be no deviation from the plan; it is set in stone and all of the victims are to be killed in a single day of carnage, terror and merciless brutality.

There is an element of tension and mistrust within the team and with Helen still smarting and resentful towards certain members of the team this has an impact upon them all with very serious repercussions. With glimpses into the mind of DI Helen Grace we also get short background stories of the victims, which gave a glimpse into their lives and adds depth to the story on a more personal level.

The book is filled with action, chases and multiple twists and turns that keep you turning the pages well into the night. Fast paced, highly addictive and possibly my favourite book in the series so far!

It is not essential to read the first 6 books in this series (even though i recommend you do as they are all brilliant books!) but there are references made to past events from the book before, but if this is your first M. J. Arlidge novel i can guarantee after reading this you will soon be racing to read the other books!

A brilliant read, roll on book 8!


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