The Last Move by Mary Burton


“When Love is betrayed, there is nothing to contain the demons.”

I have read pretty much all of Mary Burtons books so i was really looking forward to reading this one.

It is down as a standalone book but I’m sure you will agree after reading it that the potential and the amount of interest already a follow-up book would be highly anticipated.I love the characters in the book, they are well written and very likeable right from the get go.
The story line is faultless even if the “Who done it” ends up being fairly obvious but it doesn’t take away any of the drama and tension of the ending!

I would have read this in 1 sitting but my ME decided otherwise, but as soon as i had rested up a bit i was start back on the case 🙂

It is a real page turner and the fast pace continues from start to finish, peppered throughout with tragedy, heartache, sinister events and of course a good splash of romance!

FBI agent Kate Hayden finds herself playing a deadly game of chess with a killer who destroyed her life and family 17 years ago.
Homicide detective Theo Mazur is a fairly new member of the team in the San Antonio police force but is no rookie when it comes to the job.

A murder takes place on part of the interstate and it has all the hallmarks of murders committed by the serial killer known as the Samaritan. It was FBI agent Kate Hayden that brought him to justice and he is currently safely locked behind bars on death row.
Did Kate catch the wrong killer or is this the work of a copycat killer?

Detective Theo Mazur calls Kate away from her own on going hunt for a different serial killer who likes to abduct women and bury them in coffins. Kate had saved the last victim but the killer is still on the loose.

Now she must try to find whoever is behind the murdered woman who was shot in the interstate, it certainly seems to be the work of a copycat killer but then another body turns up killed in the same way as a different case Kate had previously worked on.
Now it is personal and whoever is behind the murders has made sure they have Kate and Theo’s undivided attention.

The partnership between Kate and Theo works really well and it was really great getting some of their back stories. It is through those glimpses into Kate’s past that draw you to her and what defines her character.

As i said at the start, i would love to hear more from both Kate and Theo and what the future holds for them both.

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