Sacrifice by Andrew Boylan


New Mexican cult, brutalised bodies, the story of a lifetime…if Benny lives to tell it.

Blurring fact and fiction, Sacrifice drags readers into a waking nightmare where the evils of the past collide with the secrets of the present.
Struggling filmmaker Benny Hernandez stumbles upon a brutalized body in the mountains. As he photographs the victim, he notices something hauntingly familiar about the wounds.
Growing up in New Mexico, Benny heard stories of a cult that rose from the ashes of the Pueblo Revolt in 1680.
As more tortured bodies appear, Benny discovers a pattern that might mean this centuries-old cult has risen again.
This could be the story of a lifetime…if Benny lives to tell it.

My Review

If you are a fan of horror mystery books then this one is for you.

The start of the book maybe a bit confusing at times and a touch hard to follow, but I promise you that if you preserver with it, it all comes together and makes perfect sense  in the end culminating into a story you will be hard pressed to forget!

It is defiantly gruesome in places and it has the feel of being real life, if you found it in the non fiction section this book could be believable, especially when drugs and religion is involved.

Throughout the book I wondered which parts the background information on the story was really true, which bits are real and which parts have been given some creative writing. The blur between the lines is one so smudged it might well have never existed at all.

The story starts In the desert of New Mexico where Benny a struggling film maker is traveling the mountains when he finds a brutalised body that appears to have been tortured.
On closer inspection it starts Benny thinking of the similarities between the body and a cult that existed in 1680.

Does that cult still exist?

Seeing the potential for a film Benny decides to investigate the New Mexican cult and their bizarre rituals and to try to find out if the cult is still active all these years later.
As more bodies start to turn up the further Benny becomes involved with the case and it soon becomes detrimental to his safety and well-being.
Are the bodies a result of a cult ritual or is there a killer on the loose?

If you start reading this book I honestly advise you to preserver because the book just keeps getting better and better. Full of intrigue, suspense, horror and some religious zealots, this book shows how scary religion really can be when interpreted with a darkness that’s not at all too farfetched to be real.



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