I Am Behind You by John Ajvide Lindqvist


Tears the heart and twists the soul.

I’m not 100% sure about how i feel about this book to be honest but I do keep finding myself thinking about it!!

The book is slightly bizarre, thought-provoking, and at times a touch baffling.
This if the first book in a planned 3 part series and i am not sure how long the wait will be before the second instalment.

It was quite a slow drawn out first part of the book and i was close to giving up at one point, BUT I am pleased i persevered as the book picks up steam and the action starts.
I think it is a more psychological horror than blood bath but the book certainly doesn’t shy away from the intense gruesome scenes that take place in the latter part of the book. They are descriptive without being too disturbing and over the top, some you will see coming and some not until it happens which i really liked.

John Ajvide Lindqvist has been called Sweden’s version of Stephen King but I would put this book on a liking to some of Clive Barker’s earlier work, which is in no way a bad thing!

The story takes place not in our world, or not as we see it. All that there is are 4 caravans where the occupants go to sleep in a busy caravan holiday park but wake up to a what appears to be an empty field. All they can see in all directions is flat green grass and pure blue sky, not even a single cloud.

There occupants are an eclectic bunch that are from different walks of life so why were these four families picked up and removed to this strange place? What’s the connection?
In one caravan are the Sundberg family consisting of Peter, a national football superstar, his wife Isabelle, a model and their 6-year-old daughter Molly.
The next caravan is home to Stefan Larsson, a small town store owner, his wife Carina and their young 9-year-old son Emil.
Next there is Lennart and Olof, two farmers who have been together since their wives ran off and left them and their cat, then finally Donald, his wife Majvor who are both retired and their dog Benny.

The book is in 3 parts, Outside, Inside and Beyond and the story is told in alternating parts by each of the characters, even the dog and cat have their parts to play.
The story follows the groups as they explore their new surroundings and their attempts at trying to understand why they have ended up here.
We also get to learn parts of the characters back stories and find out what inner demons they will have to face in the struggle to survive.

Due to the fact this is only book one it leaves a lot of things unresolved and unexplained, like the how and the why, so it will be very interesting to see where the story will go from here.

It is really well written and the translation is extremely good. There are some mentions of a Swedish singer i haven’t heard of but other than that it works well in English.
So all in all, this book won’t be for everyone but I am pleased i finished the book, its well written, most of the characters are believable even though some you don’t care for, the creepiness sneaks up on you and ramps up the internal tensions to inevitable violence, sweeping you along for the ride.

I will defiantly be waiting for book number 2 to be released!

This book can be purchased now from

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