Recommendations need for truly scary horror books please anyone?

Insomnia has struck yet again!

Everyone thinks that because you have ME that you spend most of your time sleeping, before i thought that was what it was as well, but no, if anything it keeps me awake but so tired i cant move and i swear pain levels always seem worse at night 😦

Anyway, enough about all that, i have been laid in bed trying to sleep but i have been thinking about books, Horror books specifically.

My friends are taking me to the cinema tomorrow to watch “IT” which im a little excited about, not going to lie 🙂 That was one of my favourite books when i was younger, I have been a big Stephen King fan since i was 11 years old! and i re read the book a few weeks ago in preparation for the new film.

I know that book and the old film scared a lot of people, but it never frightened me, which then got me to thinking

“What books have i ever read that has actually scared me?”

And what i have come up with so far are – None that i can remember!! which makes me feel really sad and needing to do something about it!!

I have always loved horror stories and movies, i always check the horror section in the book shop first, and i do love a good serial killer thriller.

There are so many really brilliant serial killer books out there like Chelsea Cain’s Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell series. Gretchen is still my favourite serial killer to date and some of the torture methods Chelsea Cain used will forever be seared into my brain. I’m not sure which book it was in but it is the glass rod she pushes inside her victims penis and then smashes the glass once its inside still makes me cross my legs saying ouch even though i am female 🙂

I can’t remember where i found it but as soon as I spotted it it took me back to that scene in the book and i brought it home with me. I came home to my now ex boyfriend and told him i had brought him a present. He was not expecting a little glass rod! After looking at me with bewilderment in his eyes for a while the penny finally dropped as he remembered the book. It made me chuckle the whole way home from the shops and his face was priceless 🙂

So my question to anyone reading this is  – “Please could anyone give me some recommendations for proper horror horror books? “

Ones that make the hair on the your arms raise up and gives you goosebumps.

Doesnt matter what kind of horror, gore fests, psychological fear, ghost stories, anything really. I really fancy finding some hidden treasures out there that make you want to sleep with the light on and the closet doors firmly shut!!

Any suggestions would be wonderful and much appreciated.

Thank you in advance





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