Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens


She thought she’d escaped him forever. But will he ever let her go?

I had a bit of a weird moment with this book, I was driving and passed a new shiny white truck, not all that unusual i know but i honestly thought i recognised it from somewhere. I was wracking my brain trying to work it out and it suddenly dawned on me that i recognised it from this book!!
My kids thought that was highly amusing but I guess that goes to show how much of an effect a book can have on you!

She thought she’d escaped him forever. But will he ever let her go?

The story switches between Lindsay’s and her daughter Sophie’s view points which brings it a nice almost dual layer feel to their story.
It starts out as a love story, a whirlwind romance between Lindsay and Andrew who marry quickly and then little Sophie comes along not long after.
The pregnancy was unexpected but both parents thrilled with the idea but it is from there things start to decline. Only little things in the beginning but the tale tale signs are there. From what maternity clothes Andrew feels are appropriate to what Lindsay does in her free time whilst he is at work soon escalate to physical as well as psychological domestic abuse.
I am sure there will be a lot of women who can relate to that part of the storyline and the subject is written really well along with the effects and the impact that abuse can leave behind on a person.
Lindsay’s fear feels very real as well as her courage.
One night whilst her husband is passed out drunk she seizes her chance and escapes with her daughter, Fast forward 10 years, after moving from place to place they finally found a home that feels at least moderately safe from her now ex husband.
She has managed to make some good friends that she can trust, Sophie is doing well at school but their world is about to get turned upside down again.
Not long after Andrew, her ex husband gets released from jail things start to happen that leaves Lindsay fearing for her daughter’s safety and fearing for her own life.
Andrew is adamant it isn’t anything to do with him and that he is a changed man but can Sophie trust her father?
Is he telling the truth and the danger is from closer to home.
They story is really good and it is a book that isn’t easy to put down once you start, my only slight criticism is that i had seen the twist coming but even that doesn’t take away how compelling the story ends.
I have read all of Chevy Stevens books and each are equally as good but i think this is my favourite one by far.

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