The Girl in the Picture by Kerry Barrett


It is now 05:13am and i have just finished this book, i went to bed to read a few chapters before i went to sleep but just couldn’t stop reading!
In the book description to said this book was for fans of Kate Morton and Lucinda Riley which are big names to live up to and i can safely say Kerry Barrett did not disappoint.

The time split between present day and 1855 was really well done, easy to follow as each chapter gave the name of the character and the date and they flowed seamlessly together. The book is set on the coast line of East Sussex and centres around one house, two women separated by 150 years and the secrets that the house holds.

2016 Ella Daniels, an author suffering from writers block moves with her family from London to an old rural house on the cliffs overlooking the sea hoping that the house, location and change will help her inspire her to complete her novel.
Ella write’s crime fiction and when she hears rumours of murders that took place in the house next door and that the girl who lived in Ella’s new home went missing at the same time she can’t help but to find out what happened 150 years ago to the pretty girl whose painted portrait is found in an old cupboard in the attic.

1855 Violet Hargreaves is only 19 and an aspiring, very talented young artist, who’s greatest wish is to follow her dream to London and become a professional artist.
Whilst on the beach painting she meets a handsome stranger that lives in the house next door. After seeing her painting he promises that he will be the one to make her dreams come true.
But sometimes things can be too good to be true.

The book is beautifully written and makes you as intrigued and desperate as Ella to find out what happened to Violet all those years ago and the murders surrounding her disappearance. So much so it has kept me awake all night!.
I am so glad i read this book, i am now a definite fan of Kerry Barrett.
I agree that this haunting time slip tale is perfect for fans of Kate Riordan, Tracy Rees, Kate Morton and Lucinda Riley.

The book will be released on 20th September and can be pre ordered from

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